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Chris DiBona is the Director of Open Source for Mountain View, Ca. based Google. His teams oversees license compliance and support the open source developer community through programs such as the Google Summer of Code and through the release of open source software projects and patches. In the public sector space, he looks after Google Moderator and Google Elections.

Mr. DiBona is an internationally known advocate of open source software and related methodologies. He occasionally appears on the This Week in Tech  and the This Week in Google podcasts. He is a visiting scholar at the MIT Sloan School of Management and has a masters in software engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Additionally, he serves on a number of technical advisory boards. 

Before joining Google, Mr. DiBona was an editor and author for the website . Additionally, he coedited the award-winning essay compilations "Open Sources" and "Open Sources 2.0" and writes for several publications. He was the host of Floss Weekly with Leo Laporte and made a number of appearances on TechTV's "The Screensavers" and on the Cranky Geeks

His personal blog can be found at and he can be reached via email via

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